conceited. juvenile. apprehensive

Track Title: Wings

Artist: Little Mix

Album: DNA

Little MixWings

Hey what’s up everyone


Oh nothing I’ve just been crying all day because I woke up this morning and saw you had left our late night spooning session.

It’s official, I am swearing off men forever.


Always so threatened and paranoid, nice to know you haven’t changed all that much. Call it manipulative, but I was just being honest.

My aim has been to better our species. Chloe, you can have whatever you want without having to snap your fingers. With me, I could help you advance your ability, give you the opportunity to control it rather than let it control you. You’re my sister, which means by blood you are not weak. All the strength you have can be channelled into making this better. I don’t want to be in a fight with you, sister. Though I have an odd way of showing it, I do love you.

Dearest brother, you and the word “honest” do not belong in the same sentence.

If you loved me, then why the hell did you do this to me, Jace? Why would you give me something that makes my life more difficult on a daily basis? Why did you threaten someone I care about? That doesn’t seem like love to me, rather just your twisted sociopathic brain at play. But fine, if you love me so much then maybe, maybe, I’ll take this offer into consideration. Though I swear to god, lay a finger on someone I care about and you will no longer be my brother. I can promise you that.

It’s official, I am swearing off men forever.


I’m all you have left, Chloe. Who else do you think could put up with someone as spoiled as yourself? Wren? Surely not our parents. You are smart enough to know that the only person who has ever truly cared about you is me. You threatened the integrity of my work and it hurt, so I lashed out and I am sorry my actions hurt you. You can throw it in my face and continue to tell me how much you don’t need me, but together we could be great, if only you’d embrace your power.

Trying to get me back by making me think you’re the only person I have left. How had I never noticed your completely unsubtle attempts at emotional manipulation until now? You even brought out the non-caring parents card. Nice job, Jace. Though reminding me of the fact that you were the favourite sure as hell doesn’t make me like you any more. 

What the hell are you aiming for with this whole “power” bullshit, anyway? World domination? Because last time I checked making someone want to fuck me despite whether or not they actually want too sure as hell isn’t gonna do me, or anyone else, any favours. How the hell do you expect me to embrace something that I loathe about myself, Jace?

It’s official, I am swearing off men forever.


Take a look in the mirror and you will find that women are no treat themselves.

Does this mean I can expect to see you crawling back to me?

While normally I’d agree with you there, last time I checked I didn’t know a woman who was responsible for another woman’s murder. 

God, you’re even more deluded than I thought. After what you said to me, and after you threatened the life of someone I care about, you really expect me to come back to you? That explosion of yours must’ve caused you to hit your head mighty hard if you think that is even in the realm of realistic possibilities.

It’s official, I am swearing off men forever.

Just about every time I think I despise one, another comes along to make me loathe the entire male species even more. Family, romantic interests, and otherwise.